Exhibition @ Wallach Art Gallery, NY

The Protest and The Recuperation

Curated by Betti-Sue Hertz

Wallach Art Gallery, Columbia University, New York

Exhibition: 12 June – 14 August 2021

The Protest and The Recuperation is a survey of artistic perspectives and responses on the global phenomenon of mass protest, as well as recuperative strategies of resistance. In these times, contemporary art has the capacity to focus our attention differently to what we learn from various media sources, or even our own experiences in protest. This exhibition presents a focused selection of works that register the power of mass protest from a deeply human perspective. It highlights the individual-to-individual connection in the collective spaces of the mass protest, recovery and care.

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New commission @ IMA 

Making Art Work

IMA Bell Tower Gallery

Institute of Modern Art, Brisbane

Exhibition: 25 November – 19 December, 2020

I have made 3 new works for Round Four of the Making Art Work project at the IMA, a large scale textiles banner, a series of fabric collages on paper and a digital textiles poster. These new works continue my exploration of the potential for diverse activist discourses to inform radical frameworks for the future. Drawing on intergenerational and intersectional feminist ideas and practices, the works consider an ethics of care implied by activism for change. These works interweave the political philosophy of Hannah Arendt with feminist protest language.  

New works for Public Art Project

Razzle Dazzle

Curated by McCarthy Swann Projects

Project Dates: 10 August – 22 November 2020

Brisbane City Council Outdoor Gallery

My new work Let’s take back our space (2020) will be on view at Hutton Lane, Brisbane from August – November. A new digital commission Together (2020) will be projected at Howard Smith Wharves, Brisbane until 20 September, and then on show at The Museum of Brisbane.

Artists in the project include: Richard Bell, Eric Bridgeman, Gerwyn Davies, Chantal Fraser, Hannah Gartside, Rachael Haynes, Natalya Hughes, Luke Roberts, Sancintya Mohini Simpson, Justin Shoulder & Bhenji Ra and Jemima Wyman.

RAZZLE DAZZLE considers the nature of public space and individuals within it – particularly people who for different reasons, may feel hyper-visible or invisible. Considering ideas of identity, spectacle, and camouflage, the artists included use patterning, colour, or adornment to either hide, exaggerate or transform.

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Artist in Residence @ Metro Arts

Project for the Affirmation of the Voice

Artist in Residence Program

Metro Arts @ Hope Street Gallery, South Brisbane

Project Dates: 1-29 February 2020

While artist-in-residence at Hope Street in February, I have been making new works that address the polyvocal nature of contemporary feminism in the ongoing Project for the Affirmation of the Voice. Taking as a starting point the provocation that ‘small acts of resistance can create change’, these text-based works draw specifically on contemporary protest language and feminist social history archives. This project addresses both the nature of collective voice in activism and the differences inherent in any understanding of contemporary intersectional feminism.


Join me at the studio in Hope Street for Art Feminism Friday on 21 February 2 – 4pm. Bring along a print-out of a feminist news or magazine article, essay or book chapter, for some Friday afternoon conversation and cut-up collage making.

The PROAV Studio Remix is an evolving exhibition that brings together new and existing fabric works and drawings. The exhibition will be open for viewing on Saturday 29 February 2 – 4pm.

Limited Edition @ MOB Shop

This special edition, Feminism Back By Popular Demand was commissioned by the Museum of Brisbane to coincide with the major exhibition New Woman and is available from the MOB Shop.

Poetry & Protest Workshops @ Museum of Brisbane, 2020

Saturday 15 February and Saturday 7 March, 2020


This series of creative workshops draws together multiple voices in contemporary feminism and celebrates our differences. Poetry & Protest also considers how to address the pressing concerns of equal rights and social justice today.

Join artist Rachael Haynes and poet Sarah Holland Batt to explore connections between poetry and protest. Through conversation and inspiration, participants will co-create a large-scale collective banner, incorporating fabric techniques and playing with pattern and colour.

Pocket Placards @ Museum of Brisbane

Pocket Placards

Museum of Brisbane, Brisbane City Hall

Exhibition Dates: 9 August 2019 – 8 March 2020

Can small acts of resistance create big change? Everyone is invited to express their hopes and visions for a better future by creating their own mini protest banners with the Pocket Placard activity as part of my Threads of Resistance project. Share your ideas for a better world, as you play with text, shape and colour to make your own felt pocket placard.

New Intersections Discussion @ MOB

New Intersections

Panel Discussion facilitated by Rachael Haynes

With: James Barth, Naomi Blacklock & Courtney Coombs

Museum of Brisbane, Brisbane City Hall

Friday 9 November, 2019

I will be facilitating a conversation with artists James Barth, Naomi Blacklock, Courtney Coombs in conjunction with the New Woman exhibition at the Museum of Brisbane on Friday 9 November, 2019.

This discussion will explore the ways in which intersectional feminism enables a re-examination of identity in the 21st century. The artists will unpack current ideas of identity in relation to their art practice, and discuss personal intersections of gender, sexuality, and cultural identity. Drawing from diverse lived experiences and arts practices, this conversation will explore fertile connections and new directions for understanding identity in the contemporary world.

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CARE Symposium & Exhibition, Melbourne

I will be presenting current work and research at the CARE symposium and exhibition in Melbourne from 30th October – 2nd November 2019. The symposium happens over four days with talks, performances, workshops, and artworks, from over 50 artists, activists, writers, researchers, dancers and performers from around Australia who are thinking and practicing care.

Exhibition @ Museum of Brisbane (MOB), Brisbane

Threads of Resistance

Museum of Brisbane (MOB)

Level 3, Brisbane City Hall, Brisbane

Exhibition Dates: 9 August 2019 –  March 2020

I will be presenting Threads of Resistance, including a dedicated maker space and fabric workshops, at the Museum of Brisbane. This installation engages with the polyvocal nature of contemporary feminism and takes as its starting point the provocation that small acts of resistance can create change. Exploring text and abstraction across drawings, fabric works and interactive workshops, this current body of work draws specifically on contemporary protest language and feminist social history archives.

Group Exhibition @ Hawkesbury Regional Gallery, NSW

What We Have to Say

Hawkesbury Regional Gallery, NSW

Exhibition Dates: 26 July – 8 September 2019

Two of my works Protest Scores (Affirmative Action) and A New Spirit in Painting have been included in this exhibition, curated by Diana Robson. My text based works are focused on the intersections of language, gender politics and abstraction. What we have to say examines ways to question and disrupt normative discourses. Artists featured include, Cigdem Aydemir, Kieran Butler, Cybele Cox and Jumaadi.

Book Chapter Published

Acting Out: Performing Feminism in the Contemporary Art Museum

Dr Rachael Haynes & Dr Courtney Pedersen

The Routledge Handbook of Contemporary Feminism

Edited by Tasha Oren and Andrea Press

Published by Routledge, 2019

In this interdisciplinary collection, scholars reflect on how contemporary feminism has shaped their thinking and their field as they interrogate its uses, limits, and reinventions. Organized as a set of questions over definition, everyday life, critical intervention, and political activism, the Handbook takes on a broad set of issues and points of view to consider what feminism is today and what current forces shape its future development.

Commission, William Jolly Bridge Projection, Brisbane


Curated by Katherine Dionysius

William Jolly Bridge, Brisbane

Commissioned by Brisbane City Council

Viewing: 3 – 7 April, 2019 (5:30 – 10pm)

My digital work Hero (2019) has been commissioned by the Brisbane City Council to be projected onto the William Jolly Bridge each night between 5:30pm and 10pm, from 3-7 April, 2019. This project is curated by Katherine Dionysius.

Solo Exhibition @ FELTspace, Adelaide

I think with my body

Solo Exhibition

FELTspace, Adelaide

Exhibition Dates: 6 – 23 February, 2019

My new solo exhibition I think with my body is opening in February 2019 at FELTspace, Adelaide. This show continues my examination of the polyvocal nature of contemporary feminism. Exploring the provocation that ‘small acts of resistance can create change’, this body of work draws specifically on protest language from feminist social history archives including Suffragette Songs. I think with my body brings together new score drawings, sound and fabric works focused on the intersections of language, gender politics and abstraction.