Dr Rachael Haynes & Dr Courtney Pedersen
Acting Out: Performing Feminism in the Contemporary Art Museum
The Routledge Handbook of Contemporary Feminism
Edited by Tasha Oren and Andrea Press
Published by Routledge (2019)

In this interdisciplinary collection, scholars reflect on how contemporary feminism has shaped their thinking and their field as they interrogate its uses, limits, and reinventions. Organized as a set of questions over definition, everyday life, critical intervention, and political activism, the Handbook takes on a broad set of issues and points of view to consider what feminism is today and what current forces shape its future development.

Dr Courtney Pedersen & Dr Rachael Haynes
Curating Creative Dystocia: Exhibiting the Relationship between Artists, Identity and Motherhood in Twenty-first Century Australian Art
Feminist Encounters, Vol. 3 Issue 1-2, September 2019

The past five years have seen a reinvigoration of debate regarding the significance and impact of motherhood on artists’ careers, suggesting that this remains unfinished business for feminism and feminist researchers. Suspicious of essentialist arguments regarding the maternal in second wave feminist art, contemporary artists are just as likely to address motherhood as an industrial issue as a philosophical position or symbolic motif, suggesting a strategic negotiation of motherhood. Building on previous research analysing the barriers that inhibit women artists in Australia and the creative strategies they employ, this article applies a blended methodological approach to map the current relationship between artists and motherhood. 

Dr Rachael Haynes & Dr Courtney Pedersen
Dirty Hands: Community Engagement Through Practice as Research
Social Alternatives, Vol.38 Issue 1, 2019

This special issue of Social Alternatives addresses the role of creative practitioners in community engagement, I have co-authored an article for this issue with Courtney Pedersen. ‘Doing Feminism and Communities of Practice in Australian Art’, a practitioner reflection on feminist art practice and collaboration.

Dr Rachael Haynes & Dr Courtney Pedersen
To Care for Self and Others: A Collaborative Conversation
Women Activating Agency in Academia: Metaphors, Manifestos and Memoir
Edited by Alison L. Black and Susanne Garvis
Published by Routledge (2018)

This book collates stories and articles from women academics across the globe and across disciplines. This chapter takes the form of a conversation and discusses the necessity for care, an ethics of care in teaching and research, and a feminist engagement with the world beyond academia.

LEVEL (Courtney Coombs, Caitlin Franzmann, Rachael Haynes, Anita Holtsclaw, Courtney Pedersen).
Recipes and Revolutions: Consciousness Raising and Feminist Picnics
Feminist Review Vol. 114 Issue 1, 2016

LEVEL has embarked on five-way co-authorship in this new article, reflecting on our ongoing project We need to talk, a series of public workshops and feminist picnics. As part of this series, Recipe for a Revolution was a public event held at the Gallery of Modern Art (GOMA), Brisbane in 2014, where participants devised a collective ‘recipe’ by gathering, conversing and sharing food at a mass picnic. By bringing significant recipes and plates of food to the picnic rug, the participants connected through personal narratives. The project discussed what role food plays in women’s lives, whether the kitchen is a playground or the battleground that Miriam Schapiro described forty years ago, and how we can use the idea of the ‘recipe’ – a shared set of ingredients and methods – to open up possibilities for activism and advocate for change.