Curated by Rachael Haynes & Simone Hine
Boxcopy Contemporary Art Space, Brisbane
14 – 28 July 2018

This exhibition emerged out of conversations about Australian feminist performative artworks and embraces conversation as a curatorial method. Each curator suggested an artwork, that the other responded to with another artwork. A printed conversation accompanies the exhibition and documents this exchange.

The conversation ranges from questions of how to define feminism today and how it operates as a political or personal framework, to exploring intersectional identities and representation, examining the body in relation to humor, and performance in relation to history and re-enactment. Converse is an exhibition as dialogue and considers the ever shifting and unravelling nature of contemporary feminist art practice. The artists featured in the exhibition are Nina Ross, Mandy Quadrio, Hannah Raisin, Archie Barry and Barbara Cleveland.

Curated by Rachael Haynes & Chris Handran
Boxcopy Contemporary Art Space
26 August – 24 September 2017

Presentism looks back at ten years of Boxcopy’s history, through the lens of current practices of Brisbane-based artists who have participated in the program over that time. The title of the exhibition describes a tendency to interpret past events in terms of modern values and concepts. While often used negatively to critique particular accounts of history, in this case looking at the past through practices of the present testifies to the qualities of resilience and endurance that serve to sustain the practices of individual artists and the communities in which they operate.

Project for Future Alternatives
Boxcopy Contemporary Art Space
April – July 2017

Building on recent collaborative projects with local, national and international artist-run and contemporary spaces – this project is focused on the future imaginings of artist run activity in the context of Boxcopy’s ten year celebrations. The format is a three-month residency project with Joseph Breikers, Erika Scott, Archie Moore and Simone Hine.

Outcomes from the Project for Future Alternatives will be presented as part of the exhibition ‘An Act of Showing’, at Testing Grounds in Melbourne. Set as a material conversation between Artist Run Initiatives (ARIs) and Aboriginal Art Centres in Australia and the Asia- Pacific, this project embodies and provokes conversations about place: How does place matter for artists? Why do ARIs exist in specific places? What is the place of practice?

Your Space or Mine
Boxcopy Contemporary Art Space
22 – 30 July 2016

This group exhibition explores a collaborative curatorial process, the provocation that ‘small acts of resistance can create change’ and how grass roots, local artist-run or independent spaces can offer new spaces for social engagement and dialogue. This project is in partnership with Sa Sa Art Projects (Phnom Penh), Videotage (Hong Kong) and Art Space Pool (Seoul).

This project is assisted by the Australia Government through the Australia Council, its arts funding and advisory body.


HOMEGROUND: Brisbane Artist Run Activity, Today and Tomorrow
Boxcopy Contemporary Art Space
29 May – 2 July 2016

HOMEGROUND addresses the local context of artist run culture in Brisbane. The gallery at Boxcopy will become a site for process-based and dialogic exchange between six local ARIs, emphasising collaborative and speculative methods of working. HOMEGROUND is an accumulative exhibition project, with each artist run initiative in residence at Boxcopy for one week in succession.

This project is assisted by the Australia Government through the Australia Council, its arts funding and advisory body. 


Boxcopy Contemporary Art Space
January – March 2016

Summer School is an open-ended format that activates the gallery space with performances, discussions, lectures and workshops, exploring creative pedagogical approaches to art making. Summer School also considers how artist run activity may act as sites of resistance and the potential of these spaces and dialogues to open up new ways of thinking and doing.

This project is assisted by the Australia Government through the Australia Council, its arts funding and advisory body, and Creative Sparks, a joint initiative of Brisbane City Council and the Queensland Government through Arts Queensland.

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2015 International Women’s Day Forum
The Glasshouse | QUT Creative Industries Precinct
Saturday 9 March 2015

Since 2013, LEVEL has presented an annual International Women’s Day forum for robust discussions on art and feminism, seeking ways to create change through dialogue and activism. In 2015, WE NEED TO LISTEN will consider the power of voice, our need to acknowledge a multiplicity of feminist voices, and the act of listening in the pursuit of equality. This forum will look at how artists, curators, and writers provide platforms for voice and encourage a willingness to listen to voices other than our own. Join us for a panel discussion chaired by Susan Best, with speakers Ruth McDougall, Leah King Smith, Tyza Stewart and Carol McGregor. The forum’s keynote speaker will be Arahmaiani, a significant figure in Indonesian contemporary art. Her work across performance, painting, sculpture, video, sound and installation has established her international reputation as an artist who challenges oppression and intolerance.


Curated by LEVEL
The Block | QUT Creative Industries Precinct
9-27 September 2014

For the exhibition, THIS IS NOT THE WORK, LEVEL continues their investigation of alternative curatorial methods. Surveying a selection of community-engaged artist projects from different locations around the world, this exhibition has followed the pathways of women-centred social networks in order to initiate further collaboration and conversation. The projects documented in this exhibition are examples of artists working with women and community in challenging and unpredictable ways, demonstrating feminist strategies and a commitment to non-hierarchical and collective structures. As in the past, LEVEL uses the gallery as a conceptual base-camp or frontline rather than a just site of display.

Exhibition Catalogue.pdf

Extended Conversation Pieces

Extended Conversation Pieces
Curated by Rachael Haynes for Boxcopy
MAF Project Rooms – Melbourne Art Fair
13-17 August 2014

Extended Conversation Pieces brings together conversations about art, and conversation as art. The exhibition features collaborative works by six Brisbane emerging artists, Catherine or Kate (Catherine Sagin and Kate Woodcroft), Scott Ferguson (Erika Scott and Brooke Ferguson) and Courtney Coombs and Caitlin Franzmann. These artists engage with ideas of contemporary feminism through processes of dialogue and exchange; exploring subjectivity, humour and intimacy in performance and installation works.

Material Matters 2014

material matters | Brisbane Experimental Art Festival
Curated by Rachael Haynes and Jenna Baldock
Judith Wright Centre of Contemporary Arts
9 August 2014

The exhibition material matters brings together new works by Amy Commins, Jamie Behrendorff, Grace Kevill-Davies, Zoe Knight, Ruth McConchie and Courtney Pedersen – Brisbane-based artists whose experimental practices engage with materiality in specific ways. The artists in the exhibition investigate the temporal in terms of making and experiencing art in various modes – installation, sculpture, video, sound and works on paper. Through these material engagements, the artists question and re-imagine ways of connecting in the contemporary world, drawing together considerations of humour, history, politics, nature and everyday life.

Conversation Pieces

Conversation Pieces
Curated by Rachael Haynes
Boxcopy Contemporary Art Space
8 – 29 March 2014

Opening on International Women’s Day, ‘Conversation Pieces’ presents works by Australian artists Agatha Gothe-Snape, Alex Martinis Roe and Hannah Raisin and new collaborative works by Catherine or Kate, Scott Ferguson (Erika Scott & Brooke Ferguson) and Courtney Coombs & Caitlin Franzmann. These works are generated by physical, verbal or textual dialogues between collaborators, participants or the artist and audience; and spark a conversation about feminist art practice today.


Curated by Rachael Haynes, with Amy-Clare McCarthy and Katherine Dionysius
Boxcopy Contemporary Art Space
Friday 10 – Sunday 12 May 2013

For Offsite, Boxcopy is working together with their art neighbours to get out of the gallery and into the streets, to find out just what it is that makes collaboration in this city ‘so different, so appealing’. Offsite brings together five local artist run initiatives and collectives, Accidentally Annie Street, Current Projects, David/David, inbetweenspaces and Level – presenting interventions and projects in various locations in and around Brisbane’s CBD, with the Boxcopy gallery serving as headquarters.


Curated by Rachael Haynes, Alice Lang and Courtney Coombs
Sandra Selig – Catherine Brown – Nicola Smith | Rebecca Ross – Simone Hine – Fiona Lee | Elizabeth Willing – Catherine Sagin – Louise Bennett
LEVEL Art Space, 11 Stratton Street Newstead, Brisbane
10 June – 23 July 2010