2017  Graduate Certificate in Academic Practice – Queensland University of Technology
2009  Doctor of Philosophy (Visual Arts) – Creative Industries Faculty, QUT
1998  Bachelor of Visual Arts (Honours) – Queensland University of Technology


Solo and Collaborative Exhibitions & Projects
2017  Troubling Language – Bus Projects, Melbourne
2015  Like a Burden – Metro Arts, Brisbane
2015  Unthinkable – Blindside Gallery, Melbourne
2015  QuickDraw – Seventh Gallery, Melbourne
2014  Stand and Deliver – FirstDraft, Sydney
2014  We need to talk – Recipe for a Revolution (Level), event – GOMA, Brisbane
2013  Studio Remix – Current Projects @ Ryan Renshaw Gallery, Brisbane
2013  We need to talk (Level) Re-school event – MCA, Sydney
2012  I build my dwelling – Metro Arts Galleries, Brisbane
2012  Food for Thought (Level) – Roji to Hito Gallery, Tokyo
2012  Muscleflex – KINGS ARI, Melbourne
2012  Food for Thought (Level) – Next Wave Festival, Melbourne
2012  A BIG IDEA transmitted pathetically – Bus Projects, Melbourne

Group Exhibitions
2018  Doing Feminism: Sharing the World (Level) – Norma Redpath House, Melbourne
2017  Unfinished Business: Perspectives on Art and Feminism (Level) – ACCA, Melbourne
2016  R&M McGivern Art Prize (Finalist) – Artspace at Maroondah Gallery, VIC
2015  f generation: feminism, art, progressions (Level) – George Paton Gallery, Melbourne
2015  Quaternary – QUT Art Museum, Brisbane
2013  BEAF13 – Judith Wright Centre of Contemporary Arts, Brisbane
2013  [Q] ARI (Level) – Griffith University Art Gallery, Brisbane
2012  SEXES (Level) – Performance Space, Sydney
2012  Going South – Screen Space, Melbourne
2012  Passages, curated by Brooke Ferguson – Current Projects, Brisbane
2011  Straight and Narrow – The Lock-Up Cultural Centre, Newcastle NSW
2011  The feeling will pass – FirstDraft, Sydney

Curatorial Projects

2017  Presentism (with Christopher Handran) – Boxcopy Contemporary Art Space. Featuring James & Eleanor Avery, Anastasia Booth, Sam Cranstoun, Kinly Grey, Caitlin Franzmann & Kate Woodcraft, Daniel McKewen, Sarah Poulgrain, Sandra Selig, Tyza Stewart and David M Thomas with Suzanne Howard.

2017  Project for Future Alternatives – Boxcopy Contemporary Art Space. Featuring Joseph Breikers, Simone Hine, Archie Moore and Erika Scott.

2016  Your Space or Mine – Boxcopy Contemporary Art Space, with Sa Sa Art Projects (Phnom Penh), Videotage (Hong Kong) and Art Space Pool (Seoul).

2016  Homeground: Brisbane Artist Run Activity, Today and Tomorrow – Boxcopy Contemporary Art Space, with Clutch Collective, Cut Thumb, FAKE Estate, In-house ARI and The Laundry Artspace.

2016  Summer School – Boxcopy Contemporary Art Space. Featuring Zanny Begg, Keg de Souza, Kym Maxwell, Archie Moore, Leena Reithmuller, Sarah Rodigari and Sunday School (Kelly Doley & Diana Smith).

2015  Alone Together (with Brooke Ferguson) – Boxcopy Contemporary Art Space. Featuring Karike Ashworth, Alrey Batol, Tayla Haggarty and Sancintya Mohini Simpson.

2014  THIS IS NOT THE WORK (Level) – The Block, Creative Industries Precinct, QUT, Brisbane.

2014  Extended Conversation Pieces – MAF Project Rooms, Melbourne Art Fair, Melbourne.

2014  Material Matters – 2014 Brisbane Experimental Art Festival  (with Jenna Baldock) – Judith Wright Centre for Contemporary Art, Brisbane.

2014  Conversation Pieces – Boxcopy Contemporary Art Space, Brisbane. Featuring Catherine or Kate, Courtney Coombs & Caitlin Franzmann, Agatha Gothe-Snape, Hannah Raisin, Alex Martinis Roe, Scott Ferguson (Erika Scott & Brooke Ferguson).

2013  Offsite (with Katherine Dionysius & Amy-Clare McCarthy) – Boxcopy Contemporary Art Space, Brisbane, with Current Projects, LEVEL, David Creed & David Spooner, inbetweenspaces and Accidentally Annie Street Space.

2011  Object Relations – Level Art Space, Brisbane. Featuring CamLab, Simone Eisler, Chantal Fraser, Michelle Knowles and Alice Lang.

2010  Invitational (with Courtney Coombs and Alice Lang) – Level Art Space, Brisbane. Featuring Sandra Selig, Rebecca Ross, Simone Hine, Fiona Lee, Catherine Brown, Catherine Sagin, Elizabeth Willing, Louise Bennett and Nicola Smith.


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Lecturer (Visual Arts) – Queensland University of Technology (2016 – present)
Gallery Director – Boxcopy, Brisbane (2012 – present)
Founding Co-director – LEVEL Artist Run Initiative (2010 – present)
Lecturer in Creative Practice (Visual Arts) – Deakin University, VIC (2014 – 2015)
Member Board of Directors – Institute of Modern Art (IMA), Brisbane (2012 – 2014)
Sessional Academic (Visual Arts) – Queensland University of Technology (2004 – 2013)