2017  Graduate Certificate in Academic Practice – Queensland University of Technology
2009  Doctor of Philosophy (Visual Arts) – Creative Industries Faculty, QUT
1998  Bachelor of Visual Arts (Honours) – Queensland University of Technology


Solo and Collaborative Exhibitions & Projects
2019  I think with my body – FELTspace, Adelaide [upcoming]
2018  Affirmative Actions – Kuiper Projects, Brisbane [upcoming]
2017  Troubling Language – Bus Projects, Melbourne
2015  Like a Burden – Metro Arts, Brisbane
2015  Unthinkable – Blindside Gallery, Melbourne
2015  QuickDraw – Seventh Gallery, Melbourne
2014  Stand and Deliver – FirstDraft, Sydney
2014  We need to talk – Recipe for a Revolution (Level), event – GOMA, Brisbane
2013  Studio Remix – Current Projects @ Ryan Renshaw Gallery, Brisbane
2013  We need to talk (Level) Re-school event – MCA, Sydney
2012  I build my dwelling – Metro Arts Galleries, Brisbane
2012  Food for Thought (Level) – Roji to Hito Gallery, Tokyo
2012  Muscleflex – KINGS ARI, Melbourne
2012  Food for Thought (Level) – Next Wave Festival, Melbourne
2012  A BIG IDEA transmitted pathetically – Bus Projects, Melbourne

Group Exhibitions
2018  Doing Feminism: Sharing the World Residency Program (Level) – Norma Redpath House, Melbourne
2017  Unfinished Business: Perspectives on Art and Feminism (Level) – ACCA, Melbourne
2016  R&M McGivern Art Prize (Finalist) – Artspace at Maroondah Gallery, VIC
2016  Vexations – The Soylent Spot, Brisbane (with Brooke Ferguson and Erika Scott)
2015  f generation: feminism, art, progressions (Level) – George Paton Gallery, Melbourne
2015  Quaternary – QUT Art Museum, Brisbane
2013  BEAF13 – Judith Wright Centre of Contemporary Arts, Brisbane
2013  [Q] ARI (Level) – Griffith University Art Gallery, Brisbane
2012  SEXES (Level) – Performance Space, Sydney
2012  Going South – Screen Space, Melbourne
2012  Passages, curated by Brooke Ferguson – Current Projects, Brisbane
2011  Straight and Narrow – The Lock-Up Cultural Centre, Newcastle NSW
2011  The feeling will pass – FirstDraft, Sydney

Curatorial Projects

2017  Presentism (with Christopher Handran) – Boxcopy Contemporary Art Space. Featuring James & Eleanor Avery, Anastasia Booth, Sam Cranstoun, Kinly Grey, Caitlin Franzmann & Kate Woodcraft, Daniel McKewen, Sarah Poulgrain, Tyza Stewart and David M Thomas with Suzanne Howard.

2017  Project for Future Alternatives – Boxcopy Contemporary Art Space. Featuring Joseph Breikers, Simone Hine, Archie Moore and Erika Scott.

2016  Your Space or Mine – Boxcopy Contemporary Art Space, with Sa Sa Art Projects (Phnom Penh), Videotage (Hong Kong) and Art Space Pool (Seoul).

2016  Homeground: Brisbane Artist Run Activity, Today and Tomorrow – Boxcopy Contemporary Art Space, with Clutch Collective, Cut Thumb, FAKE Estate, In-house ARI and The Laundry Artspace.

2016  Summer School – Boxcopy Contemporary Art Space. Featuring Zanny Begg, Keg de Souza, Kym Maxwell, Archie Moore, Leena Reithmuller, Sarah Rodigari and Sunday School (Kelly Doley & Diana Smith).

2015  Alone Together (with Brooke Ferguson) – Boxcopy Contemporary Art Space. Featuring Karike Ashworth, Alrey Batol, Tayla Haggarty and Sancintya Mohini Simpson.

2014  THIS IS NOT THE WORK (Level) – The Block, Creative Industries Precinct, QUT, Brisbane.

2014  Extended Conversation Pieces – MAF Project Rooms, Melbourne Art Fair, Melbourne.

2014  Material Matters – 2014 Brisbane Experimental Art Festival  (with Jenna Baldock) – Judith Wright Centre for Contemporary Art, Brisbane.

2014  Conversation Pieces – Boxcopy Contemporary Art Space, Brisbane. Featuring Catherine or Kate, Courtney Coombs & Caitlin Franzmann, Agatha Gothe-Snape, Hannah Raisin, Alex Martinis Roe, Scott Ferguson (Erika Scott & Brooke Ferguson).

2013  Offsite (with Katherine Dionysius & Amy-Clare McCarthy) – Boxcopy Contemporary Art Space, Brisbane, with Current Projects, LEVEL, David Creed & David Spooner, inbetweenspaces and Accidentally Annie Street Space.

2011  Object Relations – Level Art Space, Brisbane. Featuring CamLab, Simone Eisler, Chantal Fraser, Michelle Knowles and Alice Lang.

2010  Invitational (with Courtney Coombs and Alice Lang) – Level Art Space, Brisbane. Featuring Sandra Selig, Rebecca Ross, Simone Hine, Fiona Lee, Catherine Brown, Catherine Sagin, Elizabeth Willing, Louise Bennett and Nicola Smith.


LEVEL 2018. ‘RIGHT NOW! Feminism, Art and Activism.’ Women, Art and Feminism in Australia since 1970 Symposium, Victorian College for the Arts, Melbourne.

Haynes, R. & Pedersen, C. 2018. ‘To Care for Self and Others: A Collaborative Conversation. In Women Activating Agency in Academia: Metaphors, Manifestos and Memoir. Edited by Alison L. Black and Susanne Garvis. Routledge. [In Press].

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LEVEL 2014. ‘THIS IS NOT THE WORK – Feminist Collectives, Collaboration and Curating.’ Contemporary Art and Feminism Symposium: Curating Feminism, Sydney College of the Arts, Sydney.


Lecturer (Visual Arts) – Queensland University of Technology (2016 – present)
Gallery Director – Boxcopy, Brisbane (2012 – present)
Lecturer in Creative Practice (Visual Arts) – Deakin University, VIC (2014 – 2015)
Member Board of Directors – Institute of Modern Art (IMA), Brisbane (2012 – 2014)
Sessional Academic (Visual Arts) – Queensland University of Technology (2004 – 2013)